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About us

About us

Our Company, MEDISRACENTER, offers: Expertise, experience, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The MEDISRACENTER company provides services for the organization of diagnosis and treatment of patients in Israel from abroad. The company's specialists have been engaged in medical tourism in Israel for many years, and therefore employ in their work the most effective methods and work ethics.

Our company is the official representative of  three of the  leading Israeli clinics - Assuta, Tel HaShomer (Sheba),and Herzliya Medical Center (HMC). These centers provide all the experience, knowledge and skills of the best doctors- for quality, accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatments available. MEDISRACENTER has an extensive base of leading Israeli experts, and we cooperate with world famous luminaries of Israeli medicine. This includes professors, doctors of science, heads of departments in public and private clinics. In this way, we can always offer our patients a wide variety of choices. As one of the leading companies in the field of medical tourism, MEDISRACENTER provides services for the organization of medical treatment in Israel. Our position and viewpoint is according to this principle: "Every patient receives a personalised and individual approach, with effective treatments from the best field specialists and professionals available- all according to the needs, desires, and wishes of our valued client: YOU.” We treat every client - on a VIP level.

about us2We promptly offer individualized programs of diagnostics and treatments in Israel, composed by a leading expert in the field of the disease that is to be treated.

Why you should choose MEDISRACENTER?

The best doctors: we will provide the most effective treatment for your condition. We have at our disposal highly skilled and first class Israeli experts and specialists, who employ the most advanced techniques available.

Preliminary advice/consultation: we will provide you a free initial consultation with a specialist/expert (if necessary - a decision will be made by a  concilium of specialists), who will familiarize themselves with the history of your disease, and will create a clear treatment program in Israel.

Complete financial transparency: the solution of all financial matters, from the determining of the cost of treatment, to obtaining the necessary documents at release from the clinic - are all under our constant supervision.

Convenient schedule of examination and treatment: we make for our patients a convenient schedule of examinations and treatments so that optimal use of the days of your stay in Israel is achieved.. We will save you from waiting in lines. We will also provide you a English/ French speaking escort who will

accompany you both in traveling to medical facilities, and in travel to other places you would like to visit in Israel.

Advice/Consultation 24/7: we will be in touch and remain available at any time of day, seven days a week. We will help resolve any issue that you may experience. A about us3personal manager will be assigned to you during your stay in Israel, and will always be available to advise you on any matter.

Control of the process of diagnosis and treatment: after approval of the plan of diagnosis and treatment, we will implement the coordination of all of its stages, and will make sure that you can stay on track for the schedule of medical procedures, and that the schedule is maintained.

Support/Accompanying after treatment: at the end of the course of treatment, we will continue to accompany our customers even after their return to their home. Additionally, you can contact us at any time and consult us about any issues you may have.

Our Company MEDISRACENTER is here to help you!  with prompt and effective treatment ! Most important for us is the constant concern and loving care for every patient - in the name of your health.

Contact Us for More Info

Contact Us for More Info

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