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Endocrinology1The best clinics and hospitals of Israel offer treatment of endocrinological  diseases at the highest level.

Israeli endocrinologists also treat among many other problems also osteoporosis-a disease with decreased bone  density and strength that can lead to fractures of the bones. Infusion of Zoledronic acid is  among the most advanced treatments worldwide and used extensively in Israel.

Israeli specialists in endocrinologiy cure such diseases of the thyroid as goiter (enlarged thyroid), hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis and various malignant tumors of the thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism is treated mainly by substitution therapy- thyroid hormone. In case of thyrotoxicosis, B-blockers  or substitution therapy are used. Thyroid tumors are treated by insertion of radioactive iodine or by surgical intervention – thyroidectomy. Thyroid carcinoma is cured by subtotal thyroidectomy and resection of   lymph nodes. Nontoxic goiter is cured by means of resection or radioactive iodine therapy, but this method is used only in critical cases. 

Treatment of endocrine disorders in Israel includes also  such diseases as diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, pituitary  gland diseases (diseases of  the  hypophysis), including oncological  diseases, and male and female sterility caused by pathology of hormone producing glands.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus in Israel includes both drug and surgical therapy. Surgery is done to replace  autologous cells, which  today constitutes  a very advanced  technology. In some cases, this surgery in combination with certain diets allowes complete cure of diabetes mellitus!

In addition, Israeli endocrinologists cure pathology of  the   adrenal  glands  and metabolic disorders, such as obesity, hyperlipidemia and anorexia. Treatment of these Endocrinology2diseases include an entire complex of procedures, including drug therapy and minimally invasive surgical treatment. Moreover, treatment of all these diseases involves joint work of endocrinologists and other medical specialists, including andrologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists,  neurosurgeons, gynecologists, sexual health specialists and psychiatrists.

Specialists of the best Israeli clinics offer comprehensive treatment of hormonally active and inactive pituitary adenomas. Treatment of this group of diseases includes both drug therapy correcting hormonal disorders which cause tumor growth, and surgical treatment, including surgical intervention aimed at total resection of the tumor minimally involving healthy brain tissues. At present, Israeli doctors make surgeries with transcranial and transsphenoidal approach, using endoscopic minimally traumatic methods. Beside this, hypophysis(pituitary) neoplasms are cured by radiotherapy which slows down rate of growth of these adenomas.