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gastro1Gastroenterologists in Israel achieved success in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases, favoring minimally invasive surgeries and the widespread use of endoscopic video equipment.

The best specialists in the field of gastroenterology in Israel treat  Crohn's disease by variety of methods, however, preference is always given to conservative treatment methods, which involve medication, effective and gentle. In some cases, due to Crohn's disease complications, such as intestinal obstruction, perforation, or intestinal bleeding, surgical treatment is advised. In this case, the leading specialists of the Israeli clinics offer a wide range of surgical procedures, including  small intestine resection, closure of perforated segment of intestine, colostomy of the large intestine.

Israeli experts of the best clinics carry out treatment of chronic appendicitis by the removal of the appendix. In this case preference is given to minimally invasive method, when the appendix is removed through very small  openings in the skin of the abdomen (belly), which makes for very speedy recovery of the patient. 

Gastroenterologist of Israel treat liver cirrhosis by strictly individualized programs, that include   several methods, which combined  lead to effective results. This can be medication aimed at liver restoration ,or liver detoxification therapy to eliminate poisonous materials from the liver, it can be extracorporeal hemo-correction , stem-cell therapy,  portal hypertension treatment and liver transplantation in particularly difficult cases. Surgical treatment is carried out mainly with minimally invasive techniques using catheters that are introduced into the vessels of the liver via minimal  skin cuts.

Our three top Israeli hospitals offer you a whole range of methods for treatment of diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine (colon). For thegastro2 treatment of esophagitis and other diseases of the esophagus  medication therapy is used primarily, but in exacerbation of the disease gastroenterologists in Israel resort to surgical treatment, which aims to removal of scar fusions and to stop esophageal bleeding.

Advantageously, surgeries on the esophagus, stomach, colon and small intestine are performed endoscopically , minimally invasive surgery. Gastroenterologists in Israel resort to surgical intervention only in extreme cases, if the disease leads to complications, such as perforated ulcer.

In addition, Israeli medics carry out laparoscopic surgeries to remove the colon, which involves the introduction into the abdomen of the patient (through a few holes) special surgical tools, and accurate high-tech camera and then conduct the necessary surgical procedures.

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