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General Surgery

hirugia2The Department  of  General Surgery  specializes  in  a diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases for which the surgical intervention  is indicated.

The modern medicine is mainly focused on the minimally invasive interventions  causing a minimal damage to a human body and shortening the post-surgery recuperation period.

The operations on diaphragmatic hernia correction and gastric resection are performed in Israeli clinics, as well as the pyloristenosis treatment provided by way of pylorotomy, whereby the gastric outlet is extended through the constrictor muscle layer extirpation. This surgery is performed by laparoscopy without cutting the abdominal  wall.

The Israeli surgeons perform all types of the inguinal hernia operations, and  the closed laparoscopic operations are specifically preferred.  If necessary,an  implant is installed  with the plastic repair for the inguinal canal.

In addition, all the types of the operations on chest including the thoracoscopic interferences are carried out in Israeli hospitals, as well as the types of the bariatric surgeries, such as the gastric sleeve plastic surgery and shunting for   severe obesity (overweight).

The breast cancer operations including the organ-preserving and reconstructive procedures are performed in the general surgical unit during the same one  operation. The Israeli specialists have a wide professional experience in the abdominal surgery. The indication for the abdominal surgery will be the diseases caused by the inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity organs, infections, as well as the  blockage of intestine, bile ways and  benign  and  malignant  tumors.

To perform the operations on stomach, gall bladder, liver, intestinal tract , pancreas, as well as on the esophagus and  appendix, the Israeli surgeons use  the minimally hirugia1invasive surgical techniques unless this is not feasible and a bigger opening of the abdomen has to be done.

The general surgical unit experts specialized in microsurgery perform the operations in various human body parts. The hand surgery allows performing the operations pursuant to finger and joint transplantation, curing the osteoarthrosis and hand deformation, as well as making the surgeries pertaining to hygroma and neurinoma removal. The microsurgery allows performing the operations with the pinpoint accuracy, tying extremely thin blood vessels being frequently as thick as a human hair.

Through the microsurgery capabilities the best Israeli experts help people injured in car accidents and incidents get their initial look making the esthetic reconstruction operations.