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ginecology1GynecologIcal surgery in Israel is performed in the three top hospitals we represent in a highly effective and minimally invasive way. Our top Israeli gynecologists use endoscopic methods to work minimally invasive, organ conserving and reconstructive in nature, which significantly reduces the risk of complications.

The best specialists in urogynecological surgery use minimally invasive methods like sling surgery where a support sling is implanted to treat urinary incontinence, laparoscopic surgery for implantation of support for pelvic organs as well as laser therapy which helps increase tightness of the vagina after childbirth. 

Infertility treatment methods in Israel are considered to be among the most effective in the world.

The choice of treatment depends on the age of the patient and the nature and cause of the pathology. In case of ovulatory dysfunction  infertility is treated with hormonal methods, same as in hyperprolactinemia, and thyroid disorders. When infertility is due to defects of the fallopian tubes, fibroids and cysts - treatment is carried out by surgical methods.

A widely used method of reproductive technology is intrauterine insemination, where byuse of a  catheter sperm cells are inserted directly through the cervix and the uterine cavity into the Fallopian tubes to meet the ovum.

Israeli doctors are world known specialists in IVF (in vitro fertilization). In this technique, hormonal stimulation of the ovaries provides  multiple eggs, which are removedginecology2 from the body of the female and fertilized by the sperm in a test tube.

The resulting embryos are placed into the womb. A special form of IVF is intracytoplasmic sperm injection
(ICSI), where, due to sperm abnormalities, sperm cells are injected directly into the egg cell. Preimplantation genetic screening can be used to screen the embryo before placing into the womb.  

Use of laparoscopic techniques is common in gynecological operations, however traditional surgeries are advised in some cases. For oncological cases gynecologists in Israel use laparoscopic surgeries to remove tumors and lymph nodes.

Laparoscopy is also used to perform uterosacral nerve ablation and to remove fibroids (myoma) ovarian cysts and to treat endometriosis  and adhesions. In general, laparoscopic and other minimally invasive gynecological endoscopic surgery like hysteroscopy allow for preservation of reproductive organs, minimize pain and recovery period.