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Oncology and personalized oncology

cancerThe oncology treatment in Israel saves lives of many people every year. Due to the modern cancer control methods developed and implemented by the Israeli doctors, the frightening diagnosis of  any  cancer is  no   longer a death   sentence. The modern diagnostic equipment in Israel is provided in all clinics, while the timely diagnosis will be supplemented by the effective treatment and the highest qualification of the Israeli medical doctors.

Most  cancers are treated using   surgical methods and radiation therapy. The state-of-the-art diagnostic and cancer treatment equipment allows making the treatment  less traumatic and successful. The  routine practice in Israel for cancer treatment is a laparoscopic  removal  of   tumors, cryotherapy freezing the cancer cells out, MOHS surgery allowing tumor excision under the microscope. These methods hardly traumatize the healthy tissues   adjacent   to  the   tumor and ensure recuperation period shortening. Over the last years the oncology treatment in Israel has been increasingly performed with the help of the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

Radiosurgery is widely used in Israel for treatment of oncologic diseases. The beam is used instead of a lancet, cybercancer2 knives and gamma knives enabling  cure of prostate cancer, brain cancer and pancreas cancer, as well as the multicellular lung cancer. A huge experience and expertize of the Israeli oncologists allow implementation of this most sophisticated equipment to ensure full recovery of patients.

Moreover, to cure oncology diseases in Israel, radiation therapy is frequently used. The cancer treatment in the best clinics of Israel is carried out by remote therapy enabling  destruction of tumor tissue  by the device without touching the body of the patient; sealed-source radiotherapy allowing special equipment to direct the radiation source inside the tumor; photodynamic  therapy and coagulation  therapy. These methods have  proved themselves  valuable  during treatment of  vulvar cancer, rectal cancer, tongue cancer and many other types of oncology.

These treatments  are supplemented with chemotherapy, chemoembolization,  hormone therapy (being mandatory while treating endometrial  malignant adenoma or thyroid cancer) and new  biological  drugs which   are   based on   the   inhibition of molecular pathways  that  could  lead   to  cancer.

cancer3These  new biological   drugs are part  of   a new   concept  of "personalized medicine"which  takes into account  the specific  personal  molecular   and  genetic profile of  each  and   every single  cancer  patient.Therefore,in  Israel  today the   treatment of   cancer relates   not  only  to  the   characteristics  of  the  specific   tumor but also and   even  more   and  more to  the   characteristics of  the patient- this is a proactive revolutionary  type  of   oncology-"personalized oncology".

 Our   highly qualified oncologists here  in   Israel, attentive multilingual   clinic personnel with a  warm empathic   and  loving attitude who  take into account the   psychological  stress and  the  vulnerability  of   the cancer patients - all this will ensure  you  successful treatment of cancer in three  of  the best clinics of Israel. The cost of cancer treatment in Israel is lower than that of the European and   USA clinics,  with highest cure rates . The oncology treatment in Israel with   the  revolutionary " personalized oncology" is the real chance for a long,happy  and   healthy  life.-Our  MEDISRACENTER company  assures   you the   best  possible cancer  treatment   you  can  get today!!

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