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BLOOD CANCER (Leukemia )

leikemia1Leukemia is a form of blood cancer. In Israel it is treated   by  onco-hematologists. They work on the line of two directions: hematology and oncology. New diagnostics methods like blood cell cytogenic analysis and fluorescence hybridization help reveal the disease on the initial stage and to  timely start the therapy.

The types of leukemia  successfully treated in the Israeli clinics are as follows:

  • Chronic  lymphocytic leukemia (or chronic lymphatic leukemia),
  • Chronic  myelocytic leukemia (or chronic myeloleukemia)
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (or acute lymphatic leukemia)
  • Acute myeloblastic leukemia (or acute myeloleukemia,)

To cure acute and chronic forms of blood cancer the Israeli clinics use the most up-to-date methods:

  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy;
  • Transplantation of bone  marrow taken from a relative or non-relative donor;
  • Immunologic therapy, whereby the homogeneous antibodies, stem cells and various vaccines are used allowing avoidance of marrow transplantation in some cases.

The leukemia treatment in Israel is the most effective worldwide. It is related to a high level of  hemato-oncology  as well as the use of the modern equipment allowingleikemia2 effective diagnostics and successful treatment. The treatment of this disease takes a rather long period; therefore, the Israeli clinics consider this to be of a high impotence to create all the necessary conditions for comfortable staying in the clinics. The goal of the leukemia treatment in Israel  is the eradication of the leukemia cells and maintenance  of formation of  the normal bone  marrow cells.

The expertise and the experience of the Israeli oncologists ensure effective treatment and allow controlling the patient condition in the course of remission. The cost of the leukemia  treatment in Israeli clinics is significantly lower than  the    cost  of  treatment  in Europe and the USA. It is important to note that the Israeli oncologists have substantially extended   age boundaries to ensure marrow transplantation: At present, the marrow transplantation is also performed in  patients   which  are  over 50 years of age.!!
The treatment of cancer of the blood in Israel guarantees a high chance for survival of  the patient !!

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