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Bone Cancer

rak kosti1Malignant bone tumors can be primary, when the  tumor develops in the bone tissue, and they can be secondary, being the metastasis of other types of cancer which  means that  a bone   metastasis is a bone  tumor which arrived  at  the  bone from  another  primary   tumor in   another  organ  in   the   body . The disease is diagnosed by magnetic-resonance and computer imaging methods, X-ray methods and by way of bone scanning after injecting a contrast agent. The suspected  diagnosis  is confirmed by  bone biopsy.

The Israeli medical treatment methods are successfully implemented in curing various types of bone cancer:

  • Chordoma – primary type of bone cancer developing in the spinal or cranial bones;
  • Osteosarcoma – primary bone cancer, usually damaging the bones of the upper and lower limbs or pelvic bones. This is the most common type of primary bone cancer;
  • Ewing’s sarcoma – the type of cancer developing in tubular bones of the limbs, being common among children;
  • Giant-cell tumor - osteoblastoma-primary bone cancer, most commonly developing in lower and upper limbs making  up 10% of the  bone tumors.
  • Fibrosarcoma - the malignant fibro-histiocytoma - these types of oncology are initially developed in muscles, fat tissues, ligaments, chorda and afterwards they damage the bones, usually the low and upper limbs and jaw.

The major treatment techniques of this type of cancer  are chemotherapy and radiation treatment. When treating the bone cancer (osteosarcoma), the best Israeli clinics use the internal radiation treatment more frequently, whereby the radiation source is placed inside the body next to the tumor. If this is not applicable, the patient undergoes the external radiation treatment. The surgical treatment is also widely used. During the surgery, the oncological  surgeon excises the tumor itself, the nearby body tissues and the lymph nodes. The excised bone part is reconstructed by bone graft or metallic prosthesis.

Chondrosarcoma – the name of the malignant tumors developing in the  cartilaginous tissues of the body. This is the second most common type among the bone tumors. rak kosti2 In most cases it affects flat pelvic bones and pectoral girdle bones. The ribs may be affected,  however, occasionally, chondrosarcoma can damage  the tubular bones as well. The main treatment techniques for chondrosarcoma will be the surgical intervention.  Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are performed as supplementary  treatment also  inhibiting the tumor growth.

When treating the Ewing’s sarcoma ,mainly in children the advanced chemotherapy and radiation treatment methods are used in Israel, including the surgical treatment: complete or partial removal  of  damaged bone. As for the flat bones, they are excised completely. When the tubular bone is damaged, a limited resection and at the  same  procedure bone  reconstruction will be carried out.

Great strides have been made  in treating the osteosarcoma over the last years. Chemotherapy before and after the surgery allows curing the osteosarcoma for many people. The innovative treatment of bone cancer in Israel can also allow some people, for whom the damaged limb would have been previously amputated to  save it by way of minimally invasive  surgery.