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Breast cancer

rak grudi1Breast cancer in Israel is successfully cured  in statistically high numbers. Traditionally, the treatment includes surgical methods, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The modern methods of diagnostics and innovative equipment enable breast preserving surgical treatment of breast cancer, when only the tumor and a small part of healthy tissue are excised. Computer diagnostic CT methods (PET CT and MRI) allow not only identifying the tumor’s location and size, but also following up after etastatic development.  

Surgical intervention is completed by radiotherapy and in some cases by chemotherapy. Suitable last generation medications allow minimizing of side effects.

Biological treatment of breast cancer enables to stop the  development of cancer and to considerably prolong life of patients even at the fourth stage of the disease.   

Active use of new medications considerably affects breast cancer therapy. Such therapy is indicated at least to one fourth of all patients with breast cancer with expressed HER2. Immunotherapy of breast cancer improves effectiveness of treatment by 30% and improves tolerability to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For example, Herceptin is successfully used in breast cancer therapy, provided that the tumor cells produce HER-2 oncomarker.

Hormonal therapy is frequently used for treatment of breast malignant tumors. It can be adjuvant, post-operative and non-adjuvant (before surgical intervention).  In case rak grudi2of large tumors, mastectomy (removal of diseased breast tissue) is performed in combination at the same one operation with reconstructive surgery (reconstruction of the anatomy of the breast).

"Intrabeam radiotherapy" is an innovative technique in Israel.

It is carried out by means of a specially build apparatus aimed for intra-operational radiotherapy. This method of surgical intervention makes radiotherapy or any other additional therapy unnecessary. It minimizes cancer relapse. 

Effective Israeli medicine and  comfortable conditions of breast cancer therapy are the key of successful breast cancer treatment in Israel.  It minimizes cancer relapse 

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