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Genital cancer treatments in Israel

rak genitalii1Majority of oncologic diseases of genital organs are uterine  and ovarian  tumors for women and prostate tumors for men. The main methods of curing these diseases are surgical intervention, radiation and chemotherapy.

In Israeli clinics, all these methods are used at new and modern level. Surgical intervention is made by means of laser instead of scalpel, cryoinstruments and electric knives. When possible, operations are being made by laparoscopic method. This method allows to minimally traumatize healthy tissues and to shorten the rehabilitation period. In case of timely cancer identification, doctors prefer organ-preserving surgeries; at later stages, there is a need to resect a damaged organ and adjacent lymph nodes.

For treatment of testicular  cancer, the following therapy methods are used in Israel:
Surgical therapy  — can include radical orchifuniculectomy (orchiotomy and vasectomy) and radical retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy (resection of lymph nodes from retroperineum). Lymphadenectomy can be done by laparoscopic method. Effectiveness of radical tumor resection reaches 90%. Further therapy depends on results of analyses and presence of metastases. 

  • In case of bilateral removal of the testicles , the patient will have ejaculation disorders, but in case of involvement of only  one testicle a man’s fertility does not  necessarily  have to suffer.
  • Radiotherapy – this  is performed in combination with other treatment methods in the pre-operative and in the post-operative period.
  • Chemotherapy  — the most effective drugs in case of ovary cancer are Methotrexate, Vinblastine, Sarcolysin, Cisplatin and other advanced drugs.

Prostate cancer has high cure rates in Israeli clinics. Usually, initial therapy is used in cases when prostate cancer has not sent  metastases yet to other organs and is localized at the time of initial diagnosis. Purpose of the initial therapy is to resect from the body all cells and tissues  affected  by prostate cancer.  

Initial therapy for localized prostate cancer includes radical prostate excision, some forms of external radiotherapy, brachytherapy and cryotherapy.  

Initial therapy for locally advanced prostate cancer can be a combination of the above options. Sometimes hormonal therapy is used in addition.    rak genitalii2

Initial therapy of metastatic prostate cancer, even by the time of initial diagnosis, does not  eliminate  prostate cancer entirely. At present, metastatic prostate cancer is usually treated by hormonal therapy, which is often effective for a certain time period, but does not cure prostate cancer entirely.  At present, chemotherapy is usually used at later stages of metastatic prostate cancer.

In case of prostate surgeries, Da Vinci robot is used. It is a sophisticated apparatus, which is available in Israel but not in all European clinics. Its accuracy and a doctor’s professionalism significantly increase chances of success. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are obligatory components of treatment. To cure prostate cancer, brachytherapy is used. A source of radiation is being placed near the damaged organ, which enables minimizing of side effects of the treatment. Therapy of genital cancer in Israel is performed by innovative methods and gives  excellent results. 

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