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hematology1Israeli clinics traditionally use a combination of surgical methods, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for treatment of malignant hematologic diseases. These diseases include leukemia, lymphoma, hematosarcoma and paraproteinemic hematopoietic tumors. Israeli doctors successfully cure many diseases previously considered incurable:

  • Hemophilia and other blood coagulation disorders (platelet deficiency and thrombocytopathy, anticoagulant deficiency);
  • Willebrand's  disease;
  • Myeloproliferative and lymphoproliferative diseases (acute and chronic lymphocytic leukemia and myeloleukemia, lymphoma, lymphogranuloma);
  • Multiple myeloma;
  • Myelodysplastic diseases;
  • Immune cytopenia;
  • Hematoporphyria;
  • Essential thrombocytosis and other blood system diseases.
  • Various types of anemia can  efficiently be treated like severe iron deficiency anemia which is amenable to  intravenous iron like  ferric carboxymaltose and В12 deficiency and Folic Acid deficiency anemia,which react  to the   respondent hematinics.  

In cases where a hematological tumor exists and can be resected (in case of lymphomas, for example), a surgery is to be performed. In the course of this surgery hematology2a surgeon resects lymph nodes involved. This type of surgical procedures includes bone marrow transplantation widely used in Israeli clinics for treatment of hematoblastosis.

Surgical procedures are combined with and sometimes replaced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Israeli onco-hematologists use combinations of innovative cytostatic drugs which effectively suppress growth of malignant cells. In this kind of cancer, remote  radiotherapy is used.

The best Israeli clinics cure blood cancer by genetic engineering methods, in particular, by means of monoclonal antibodies, which affect only damaged lymphocytes. In the recent years, such therapy is used more often as an alternative in therapy. 

Therapy of hematologic diseases in Israel includes individual approach to each patient’s treatment and selection of optimal therapeutic and surgical methods, as well as quick rehabilitation even  after the most complicated  medical procedures. 


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