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Nervous system cancer

Nervous system cancerNervous system cancer (neuro-oncology) can be primary, when the tumor develops  in the  brain or spinal cord , or secondary, developing as the result of a metastatic process. In case a brain cancer is diagnosed, the only therapy is surgical intervention.

The main surgical  method of therapy of primary neuro-oncologic  diseases is microsurgery. Israeli doctors have technologies which allow to resect only the tumor so as to only minimally traumatizing surrounding tissues. The surgery is performed under a microscope,  and the  surgeon’s actions are very exact due to magnet resonance navigation and special  microsurgery instruments.

Treatment of neuroblastoma in Israel includes various traditional anti-tumor methods, such as surgical intervention, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplantation and chemotherapy. Selection of a method of neuroblastoma treatment depends on the cancer stage and localization of the malignant lesion. Scope of treatment, methods used and prognosis depend mainly in the stage of neuroblastoma and age and general state of the patient. Nearly in all cases of neuroblastoma, the main therapy method is neurosurgery.

  • Surgicaltreatment. Surgical removal of the cancer is being made at I and II stages of the disease with small neoplasms and absence of metastases. Due to the fact that neuroblastoma does not give relapses, surgical therapy is usually sufficient.
  • Chemotherapy. Itcanbeperformedbeforethesurgeryandafterit. The main task of chemotherapy is reduction of the tumor size and prevention of relapses.
  • Radiotherapy. It is used as alternative to chemotherapy or simultaneously with it.
  • Bonemarrowtransplantation. This procedure is performed in case the tumor is very aggressive and has a big size.  

Israeli clinics actively use immune therapy by antibodies for neuroblastoma treatment. Monoclonal antibodies destroy cancer cells not causing damage to normal cells. It is especially relevant for patients with high risk neuroblastoma. This method can represent a promising therapy method, together with other standard treatment of neuroblastoma in Israel.

Another method to treat nervous system cancer is stereotactic radiosurgery. A surgeon irradiates the tumor using a bundle of radioactive emission. Such manipulations Nervous system cancercan be performed only with the use of innovative equipment available in the best Israeli clinics.    

Chemotherapy is an important part of the treatment. It can be administered both in injections and pills and via a bypass, when the preparation is inserted directly into blood stream.

Therapy of nervous system cancer is one of the most difficult kinds of therapy. Nevertheless, the Israeli doctors have reached considerable success in it. Development of oncological neurosurgery in Israel opens the doors to combined surgical treatment of any oncological diseases of the brain and the central nervous system.