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Pediatric oncology

pediatric1Curing of  oncological diseases in children is a specific field. Israeli doctors take this fact  into serious consideration. One of the first places among children oncological diseases is occupied by hematological diseases, in particular by leukemia of various etiologies. The treatment methods are similar to those used for treatment  of adult patients – transplantation of bone marrow cells, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Treatment of one of the most widespread children diseases, retinoblastoma, is possible in Israeli clinics due to the modern technologies, which enable making diagnoses of patients in the first months of life.

Histiocytosis is usually treated in Israel in inpatient departments, mainly by means of surgical methods (resection of damaged bone areas, curettage).  When surgery is contraindicated , low-intensity  radiotherapy is used for treatment of histiocytosis in Israel. These methods are the most effective for treatment of eosinophilic granuloma. In case of multilevel histiocytosis, the Israeli medicine recommends use of glucocorticoids and cytostatic drugs.

In treatment of children with oncological diseases, Israeli clinics focus on chemotherapy, since radiotherapy of tumors pediatric2lead to serious problems for a child’s further physical development. Treatment drugs are selected in such a way which enables to minimize side effects, which is possible due to vast experience of Israeli oncologists.

The main part of the treatment is an individual treatment plan for each patient. Surgical treatment is completed by and sometimes even replaced by cryotherapy, embolization or isolated perfusion of the tumor’s blood vessels. Lasertherapyiswidelyused.

Israeli clinics make everything possible to make children feel comfortable, in order to minimize the treatment stress and let little patients restore quickly. Kind and warm relationship with children helps to successful curing of oncological diseases.  

According to the statistics, effectiveness of curing of children oncological diseases in Israel is the highest in the world !! (85%), due to progressive methods of examination and treatment. 

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