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Skin cancer: melanoma, carcinoma

skin cancerThe most widespread kinds of skin cancer are melanoma, carcinoma and squamous cell cancer. In Israeli clinics, these diseases at their first stage are being successfully cured by cryodestruction – treatment of the tumor by liquid nitrogen. Such freezing causes death of cancer cells. Another well-used method is laser destruction. A laser beam excises the tumor and simultaneously “welds” blood vessels preventing bleeding.

In case of squamous cell cancer and basal cell cancer, curettage is used. This treatment method includes several stages and is usually performed under local anesthesia.  

In treatment of the most aggressive skin cancer, melanoma, the most effective method is micrographic surgery, also known as Mohs method. It is performed under local anesthesia and enables to avoid damage to healthy tissues. In the course of the surgery, a doctor removes damaged sections layer by layer, controlling the process by means of a special microscope. This kind of treatment is used when the tumor is rather big, has difficult-to-detect borders or appears on the background of weakened immune   system. This method gives successful resultsin 90% ofcases.    

At later cancer stages, treatment includes also chemotherapy and radiotherapy, aimed at complete removal of the cancer cells. The Israeli medicine has reached significant success in effective skin cancer treatment.  

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