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Ophthalmology1The best Israeli hospitals offer timely and effective ophthalmology(eye disease) treatment including the unique eye surgeries helping the patient in vision recovery.

The glaucoma treatment in Israel involves  either urgent surgical treatment, if the glaucoma is congenital, or consistent treatment course comprising of the pharmaceutical treatment, laser and surgical treatment, if the glaucoma is chronic. The Israeli best clinic specialists perform effective and low-trauma laser surgeries: argon, selective and micropulse trabeculoplasty,

cyclophotocoagulation and peripheral iridotomy, as well as the surgical treatment of glaucoma in case of ineffectiveness of specific types of treatment by way of the operations like sclerotomy, trabeculotomy, shunting and viscocanalostomy.

The cataract treatment at the best Israeli specialists involves  both the pharmaceutical treatment and the operative therapy with the help of the most  tissue sparing modern techniques: laser cataract removal, laser capsulotomy, intraocular lens implantation, as well as the cataract treatment by way of the surgical intervention.

The Israeli ophthalmologists perform the lens extraction through the intracapsular extraction method, whereas the lens is extracted either along with the capsule or via extracapsular extraction, or by cryoextraction method, whereby the lens is attached  to the medical instrument preliminary frozen, and is extracted afterwards.

In Israel it is possible  to cure the retinal diseases via endovitreal and extrascleral methods, as well as a number of alternative techniques, including the cryotherapy, laser therapy and others. The ophthalmologists in Israel make surgeries to strengthen the the retina , sophisticated retina  surgeries allowing the treatment of the most difficult lamination cases, thermal and photodynamic retinal  atrophy treatment.

The Israeli best clinic specialists in ophtalmology successfully treat the keratoderma diseases like keratitis, corneal ulcers, phlyctenular diseases and other disorders byOphthalmology2 way of recovery of the cornea transparency both through the coservative techniques and via the surgical intervention  up to the replacement of cornea in critical cases or by way of waxwork plastic, whereby the damaged cornea part is removed and replaced by the donor cornea.

The treatment of optic nerve atrophy in Israel is primarily intended to stop  the disease progression both through the pharmaceutical method and physiotherapy and magnetic and laser electrical stimulation. The treatment of optic nerve atrophy in Israel requires the performance of a variety of arrangements. In some cases it is necessary to undertake complex procedures - MRT, CT, X-ray examination. The treatment process is sophisticated; however, the Israeli medicine has all the necessary means enabling the performance thereof. The used modern methods eliminate the aftereffects and return visual acuity to the patient.