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Orthopedics1The orthopedic surgery units offer patients a wide range of modern treatment methods, many of which being most effective and low-traumatic will help achieve success in spine disorder treatment including scoliosis and perform successful surgeries in the field of pediatric orthopedics (orthopedic diseases in children).

The spine surgery includes a wide range of the disease treatments; however, the scoliosis treatment may be considered the most popular  one. It is performed via   the spinal column straightening and achieving the stability of the area that had suffered from the deformation. This is achieved by way of the surgical treatment, whereby the indications thereof will be: spinal curvature exceeding forty-five degrees, dynamic scoliosis progression when conservative treatment fails, as well as the significant deformation becoming visible. Besides, the scoliosis surgical treatment is carried out   because  also strong back pain and cardiac or breathing disorders because of the scoliosis   deformation  of  the   chest.

The Israeli doctors also perform spine minimally  invasive surgeries allowing dorsal vertebrae fusion. Generally this treatment method is indicated during chronic spinal pain, major stenosis and unstable vertebral column.

Among the spine surgeries  a special place is held by discectomy meaning the surgical removal of prolapsed  intervertebral disc. This is  a very popular operation, since spinal disc herniation, being the indication for such a surgery, is the most common spine disease.

Spinal disc herniation can also be cured via conservative methods without a surgical intervention. But in a vast number of cases, the discectomy  operation will be needed  and be highly effective: In case that the disc  pain  radiates to  legs  and  buttocks, and  neurological disturbances appear such as of bladder and bowel incontinence and when pains cannot be blocked by pharmaceutical means.

The Israeli orthopedists successfully and effectively arrange the replacement arthroplasty being extremely complex surgical operations relating to hip and  kneeOrthopedics2 replacement, as well as the tumor and bone cyst excisions  when  correcting congenital and acquired  bone diseases.

Many surgical disease treatment methods in the field of orthopedics are implemented by Israeli surgeons through minimally invasive modification: Minimally invasive arthroscopic and endoscopic operations significantly shorten the post-surgery recuperation period for the patient.

Regarding the pediatric orthopedics , the Israeli doctors are eager to offer their experience in the field of limb lengthening  and skeletal  curvature correction, as well as the treatment of the congenital coxofemoral joint dysplasia and many other congenital disorders. When selecting the treatment methods in the Israeli clinics the emphasis is put on minimally  invasive techniques causing minimal damage to the body of a child. The best Israeli specialists have a vast experience in performing the distraction of the coxofemoral joint, limb correction based on Elizarov method, as well as the treatment of kids’ injuries caused by accidents or sport activity, excision of  tumors  of the musculoskeletal  system, including the lower limb hemangioma, and clubfoot and flatfoot treatment with the implementation of conservative treatment methods without the need for surgical intervention.