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Otorhinolaryngology1The best Israeli clinics and hospitals offer the state-of-the art medical solutions in the field of otorhinolaryngology intended to assist in curing laryngopathy, nasopharynx disease and inner ear disease implementing the entire range of effective and low-trauma procedures.

The indications for surgical treatment of head and neck occur in difficult cases, when  the pharmaceutical treatment  proved    not to  be effective. The Israeli otolaryngologists carry out the most significant surgical operations on vocal cords , nasal septum, nasopharynx and oropharynx, eardrum membranes and tongue, as well as on parathyroid and thyroid gland. The best Israeli experts even manage to excise the tumors considered inoperable worldwide!! Surgical treatment of head and neck is provided with the implementation of the microsurgical treatment techniques, minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques; and  robotic surgery is applied.

The experts of Israel best clinics successfully and effectively perform the conservative and operative therapy of nasal breathing disorders    which  are the result of  disturbances of  the normal  process of respiration such as acute and chronic sinusitis, nasal turbinate hypertrophy, deflection of nasal septum and fungal sinusitis.

The cure of  diseases of the nose   considers both pharmaceutical treatment and endoscopic surgeries with the implementation of robotic techniques and modern navigation systems. These are low-trauma surgeries, which in most cases help solve the problem completely avoiding long-lasting post-surgery periods.

There are several effective methods used to cure the nasal oncology, among these  diathermocoagulation, which is effective through high-frequency alternating current implemented on the affected  area resulting in  the destruction of the cancerous cells.

The Israeli doctors perform the surgical treatment of all types of the diseases, both outer ear and middle ear, as well as the mastoid area.  Surgical treatment of ear Otorhinolaryngology2diseases in Israel considers the surgeries, like excision of external acoustic meatus and auricular concha tumors, correction of periotic bone defects, as well as the tympanoplasty meaning the surgery performed through the eardrum opening.

Israeli otolaryngologists successfully treat the otitis media and they also excise the benign and malignant  tumors and perform the surgeries on middle ear and mastoid to remove  chronic  processes and tumors. The top Israeli experts also make the surgical  hearing repair after otosclerosis and  perform cochlear  implantation.

The ear cancer treatment in Israel is carried out by the surgical method, where mastoidectomy and temporal bone subtotal resection are performed, neck lymphnodes are removed by way of the radiation treatment being effective  for sarcoma and melanoma therapy. Close-focus roentgenotherapy, gamma-ray teletherapy, as well as the chemotherapy complement  the  surgical treatment.