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otziv womanI want to thank the company and the doctors for my life. Thanks to employees of MEDISRACENTER I received the opportunity to be examined and treated by the best Israeli oncologists with the use of the most advanced equipment. Now I know whom to recommend to my relatives and friends for treatment in Israel. I thank all of you with all my heart! Unfort unately, my case is not the only one. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Doctors examined me and told me: it is too late, there are metastases, and there is nothing to do. I was recommended to approach MEDISRACENTER. Operative work and human concern of the company’s employees saved my life. In a few days, I was being examined by means of the best medical equipment. MEDISRACENTER are  the official representative of Tel Hashomer(Sheba)Medical Center. My diagnosis turned out to be WRONG! The correct diagnosis of Tel Hashomer Hospital with MRI,PET CT and extended biopsy saved me from an unnecessary oeration.

Tamale, Ghana
12 /01 /2016

otziv manI underwent a surgery in orthopedic department of Assuta Medical Center in Tel-Aviv in 2010. When I got back home and visited our local doctors, they said such a result is possible only theoretically. I found information about on the Internet, called and received professional consultation in respect of the best hospital.  Local doctors were unable to do such surgery. The Israeli medicine is well-known in the world. I decided to take a risk. Frankly speaking, I was afraid to fly to an unknown country. But I didn’t feel abroad, since a translator accompanied me constantly. They sent me the detailed treatment plan and the prices. The entire process was organized very well.  They met me and took  me to the hotel. Everything was organized very well, without problems. I thank professionals of MEDISRACENTER  who   are  the official  representative of Assuta  Medical  Center for  their heartfelt concern and the good  organization of my diagnosis  and  treatment.

Abuja, Nigeria

otziv manDear employees of the MEDISRACENTER and doctors and nurses of Tel Hashomer(Sheba) Medical Center!  My husband James was treated in January in the cardiologic department. Let me thank you on behalf of our family for your work and for everything you have done for our family.  

My husband was admitted to your hospital after a hear tattack. He had been examined at home and referred to coronography and further stent insertion. Our friend who had been treated in your company recommended us to receive the treatment in Israel, although we had considered treatment in South Africa.  

The entire process was organized very well. We received treatment plan with prices and were recommended to be treated by Itzhak Hertz, the best cardiologist and the world-class professional. He simply saved the life of my husband. He is very busy and it is hard to appoint a visit to him. Nevertheless, the company’s coordinator appointed a turn for stent insertion very quickly.

I want to thank everyone who organized the treatment. It was very well planned, quick and without waiting. And the most important thing: no language problems at all. We had a personal interpreter. Our coordinator not only accompanied us to the treatment procedures, but also organized excursions with private guide to the Israeli places of interest. We not only received perfect treatment results, but also saw wonderfulplaces.

Man, Côte d’Ivoire

otziv womanDear Prof. EyalShif!.  I’m Nakuru, your recent patient at Assuta Medical Center. I received infertility treatment in the gynecological department. You should know: due to your efforts, I gave birth to a child. For many years I unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant, till I got to Israel. Before that, when I heard about people seeking for treatment in Israel, I thought they should have been very rich. I was wrong.

My happiness is worth that money. I once again thank all of you, the doctors, the nurses, the coordinators and other staff.  The most important thing is that due to your MEDISRACENTER  company I was treated in the best gynecological department and by the best doctor, and finally got pregnant.

Nakuru, Kenya


otziv womanIn 2013, I was diagnosed   with  stomach cancer of primary stage. I write this to make those who doubt whether to receive a treatment is Israel, to stop doubting and make a decision. Don’t waste time – it is worth it, believe me!

Initial assessment was made in our local hospital. Although we can afford consulting with the best doctors, they could not help. Doctors from the regional medical center did not leave me any hope as well. I found on the Internet information about the first  class   Israeli medical center, Herzliya Medical Center, (HMC)and began considering this issue.

We turned to this clinic and were advised to deal only with an official representative(MEDISRACENTER) of this medical center in Israel. Frankly speaking, we have already lost any hope… The difference between the Israeli medicine and the medicine in our country is enormous, and our case is the best proof of it. I underwent a surgery and a therapy course and managed not only to delay the disease’s development, but to entirely get rid of it.

Everything was organized very well and fair, which is very important, without any deviations from the payment amount, schedule of procedures or list of drugs. Everything was clear cut. And I want to thank you for patience and warm attitude. We felt your help at each step.

Accra, Ghana

otziv womanI was treated by Dr. Zvi Lidar in the neurosurgery department of Herzliya Medical Center(HMC)   because   of  prolapse  of intervertebral   disc. My treatment experience was very positive.

  1. All those who met us and cared for our accommodation did a good job. Everything was quick and well organized.( MEDISRACENTER) Our questions were answered in in quiet and polite manner. Conditions in the medical center are of the highest level.

    Nothing to add.
  2. The treatment gave a good result. The doctor who insisted on the surgery was right. The quality of my life completely changed

There was only one minus: I wanted to visit Jerusalem   and I  was offered a guided tour but refused to go. I  am so  sorry I missed it!In general, I liked everything and have a positive impression.

Kaduna, Nigeria

otziv manI want to thank Dr. Joseph Bynyamini. He helped me to over come prostate cancer. Frankly speaking, when I heard the diagnosis, I thought my life was over. But now I know and can say: it is possible to overcome cancer! It is possible to overcome cancer in Israel. Come here without hesitation.

I received very detailed explanations and consultation by phone. I sent results of my analyses and received a detailed assessment and treatment plan. I was afraid to go to an unknown country, but did not get into any difficulties. The level of the Israeli medicine is really very high. It cannot be compared to that of our domestic medicine. I have already attended domestic clinics and know what I say. I thank you from all my heart. I wish to all employees of Tel Hashomer (Sheba)Medical Center  good health and success in your noble work. And the employees of MEDISRACENTER deserve commendation for their  loving  care and attention. God  bless you  and   your families!

San-Pedro, Côte d’Ivoire

otziv manIf not for a sad reason, I possibly wouldn't get acquainted with such a wonderful country as Israel. I had to make a quick decision in respect of disc  hernia excision surgery. I never thought of the surgery before, but the pains became very frequent, so that I had to make a decision. It was important to be treated by the best neurosurgeon.. You made everything to make it possible. I was operated in Assuta Medical Center by world-famous Dr. Ilya Pekarski. All my family thanks the doctor and all the staff.

I want to especially mention the organizer MEDISRACENTER. The staff is very effective. They prepared the treatment plan very quickly and explained the prices. I completely got rid of debilitating pains and feel good. I spent unforgettable happy days in Tel-Aviv. My treatment was combined with interesting excursions.

I want to thank the company’s employees from all my heart, first of all, for sincerity and careful ,loving  attitude. Your professionalism wins the warmest recommendations!

Mombasa, Kenya