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Medisra Center


Treatment in Israel

Treatment in Israel

Treatment in the best clinics of Israel: professional help and a forecasted outcome.

The MEDISRACENTER company is the official representative of three of the best medical clinics in Israel: Assuta, Tel Hashomer (Sheba)   and Herzliya Medical Center (HMC).

The best Israeli clinics are accredited  by JCI  Joint Commission International (JCI ), a special international organization that defines the main criteria for quality of care and treatment of patients.

Israeli clinics are known for their highly professional medical care. The staff of the best clinics in Israel employ the most experienced specialists.  The names of these specialists have become famous around the world, and their scientific research is of great importance for the development of world medicine. The entire staff of the hospitals and medical centers in Israel regularly receive qualifying training that helps each healthcare professional to improve their skills and theoretical knowledge base lecenie v israele2with the latest scientific research. The use of modern diagnostic techniques and the newest equipment of the latest generation maximizes opportunities of accurately and quickly identifying the cause of the disease and to find the most effective way to conquer it. All clinics of Israel create appealing conditions for the comfort of their patients and accompanying family and friends: at the admission area, in the offices of the specialists, and in hospitals and clinics.

We offer to patients from abroad a full range of medical services: the latest diagnostic tests, conservative treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and all the best innovations for the most effective treatment in Israel.

Our  MEDISRACENTER  company guarantees you constant caring attention and heartfelt handling of your affairs; we care about your health and make every effort to assist you in your recovery.

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