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Alternative cancer treatments

herbal anti-cancer formulasAnti-cancer Formula with International Patent Approval

This formulation have been tested and proven in more than 40 scientific experiments in the laboratory and in hospitals as effective treatments for cancer diseases Anti-Cancer Number One, Composition for Treatment of Malignant TumorAnti-Cancer Number One, Composition for Treatment of Malignant Tumor Chinese medicine, Anti-Cancer Number One (ACNO) is new anti-neoplastic drug developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used more than 20 years in Israel. Thousands of cancer patients were treated with ACNO. The efficacy of ACNO was 69.7% and ACNO combined with western medicine group was 84.3%.The clinical results showed that ACNO can improve immune system, inhibit cancer cells, improve blood circulation to suppress the growth and metastasis of tumor, increase the sensitivity to other therapies, diminish toxic and adverse effects of other therapies and drugs, improve sleep, increase appetite, alleviate pain and stress, improve liver and kidney function, and prevent leukopenia caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It also elevates the body's anti-tumor capacity to reduce the relapse and metastasis and improve patient quality of life.  




Valor Humano – medicinal, herbal anti-cancer formulas.

herbal anti-cancer formulasAn Israeli development, a unique nutritional supplement that has been tested in labs and pre-clinical studies and found to be effective in killing cancer cells from various tumors.

Checked at the following laboratories:

1.Science in action- Laboratory -  Weizmann Science Park Israel.
2. Resorcix Ltd. - Hadassah Medical Center, Hebrew University, Biotechnology Park Jerusalem.
3. Phytor Lab-for Drug Development, Hadassah Medical Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

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