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Comprehensive Single Source to Israel's Most Exclusive Medical Treatment Option

Israeli medicine and the top Israeli doctors are considered to be among the most advanced in the world. Public and private hospitals of Israel fully comply with international standards and can offer their patients a wide range of medical services. Such success in Israeli medicine has been achieved thanks to three principles on which it is based:

Destination Ranking of The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) made in 2020 and 2021  Shows that Israel is No.3 in World quality of Facilities & Services in medical tourism and is a world leader of medical tourism.

Israeli doctors along with medical practice are constantly engaged in scientific research, implementing innovative methods in the medical field, often before they appear in the elsewhere in the world; Thanks to strong governmental support, the price of treatment in Israel differs favorably from those in European and USA clinics.

Treatment in Israel is combined with pleasant recreation, a mild Mediterranean climate, and four unique seas - the Mediterranean sea, the Dead Sea ( the Salt Sea), the Sea of Galilee ( Sea of Genezareth ) and the Red Sea with the city of Elath. This four world famous seas create ideal conditions for recovery .The rich cultural heritage diversifies your stay in Israel by offering exciting and most interesting sightseeing tours.

We will ensure you treatment in the best Hospitals of Israel.

English and French speaking foreign patients interested in receiving treatment in Israel also have an advantage due to the fact that in our three hospitals in Israel these homepage2languages are well known by most doctors and medical personnel, and this in addition to the fact that each patient will be accompanied by a local escort. The three top Israeli hospitals we are working with, are equipped with the latest technology, staffed with experienced and skilled professionals who are using the latest medical equipment and carry out the most complex and high-precision studies. Based on this data, individual treatment is developed for each patient, whether surgical treatment or medical is used, including only the most effective and proven prescription medicines.

This allows also for the carrying out of the most comprehensive rehabilitations. And - last but not least - the highest quality of treatment in Israel is relatively inexpensive as compared to hospitals in Europe and USA.

If you are interested in receiving treatment in our best hospitals in Israel, by the best experts with the most modern equipment, using the most advanced technology of the world of medicine, then you, too, are cordially invited to opt for treatment in Israel. The company MEDISRACENTER organizes diagnostic testing and subsequent treatment in Israel on an international level. Our company is pleased to offer you the knowledge and experience of doctors from the best clinics and medical centers of the country - as their official representative.

We guarantee an individual approach to diagnosis and treatment of patient in Israel: we will pick a highly qualified doctor, who is a specialist in solving your problems and who conducts research in this field, and we will organize your examination and treatment without waiting in line, doing so in the shortest amount of time possible. We invite the best Israeli doctors, professors, heads of the departments of the largest medical centers of Israel, and famous throughout the world to treat our patients. The most important thing is your health, and we are putting forth every effort to restore and improve it.